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Pool Cleaners

Maintaining a clean pool is not just about aesthetics; it's crucial for health and safety. Dirt, leaves, and other debris can affect water quality and disrupt the pool's ecosystem. 

This is where pool cleaners come into play, offering an efficient solution to keep pools pristine. Whether you choose manual, automatic, or robotic pool cleaners, each type is designed to tackle specific cleaning needs. 

From the best pool cleaners that cater to inground pools to those specialized for above-ground setups, the right pool cleaner can reduce maintenance efforts and time, ensuring your swimming pool remains a sparkling oasis for relaxation and fun.

Benefits of Using Pool Cleaners

Using pool cleaners has many good points that make taking care of your pool much easier and keeping it ready for fun swims at any time.

  • Saves Time 

Think about pool cleaners as your helpful companions who clean for you. This means you get more time to enjoy swimming and less time worrying about cleaning. Whether a manual pool cleaner or an automatic one, they all help make cleaning quicker.

  • Keeps Your Pool Ready

With pool cleaners, your swimming spot stays clean and inviting. Automatic pool cleaners and robotic pool cleaners are especially good at this. They work independently to ensure your pool is always sparkling so you can dive in whenever you feel like it.

  • Good for Your Pool’s Health

Pool cleaners take away dirt and leaves, making the water healthier to swim in. This is important for both above ground pool cleaners and inground pool cleaners. They help keep the water clean, which is good for the pool and the people swimming.

  • Long-Term Savings

While getting the best pool cleaner might seem like a big buy at first, it helps save money over time. They keep the pool in good shape, which means less money spent on fixing problems. Automatic and robotic pool cleaners also work efficiently to save on energy costs.

Different Types of Pool Cleaners

Swimming pool cleaners make it easy to keep pools looking their best. They eliminate leaves, dirt, and other stuff that shouldn't be in the water. Let's talk about the different types you can find.

  1. Manual Pool Cleaners 

These are simple tools that need you to do the work. They have parts like vacuum heads and nets on long sticks. You use them to pick up dirt from the pool by moving them around yourself. It's a bit like using a broom but for your pool.

  1. Automatic Pool Cleaners 

These pool cleaners work on their own without needing you to be there. This means your pool gets clean without you having to do much. There are a few types of these smart cleaners:

  • Suction-Side Pool Cleaners stick to the side of your pool and use the water's pull to gather up dirt. Think of them as a vacuum cleaner for your pool that works by sucking up the mess into the pool's own filter system.

  • Pressure-side pool Cleaners are pretty cool because they use the power of water being pushed out to roam around your pool. They pick up debris and put it in a special bag.

  • Robotic Pool Cleaners are like having a little robot friend to clean your pool. They don't need your pool's filter system to work. Instead, they have their own power to move and suck up dirt. They can scrub your pool's floor and walls, too. They're smart enough to be set on a schedule, making them a top choice for keeping your pool clean with almost no effort from you.

Whether your pool is above the ground or inground, there's a pool cleaner out there that's just right for keeping it clean. Picking the best pool cleaner depends on what you need. Some are better for picking up big leaves, while others are good at getting small bits of dirt.

Major Brands of Pool Cleaners

Choosing the right pool cleaner is essential for maintaining a clean and inviting pool. Brands like Pentair and Hayward offer a wide range of pool cleaners, from efficient robotic models to user-friendly manual options, catering to various pool types and cleaning needs. 

Similarly, Polaris is renowned for its automatic cleaners, especially pressure-side models ideal for larger debris, while Waterway provides reliable and affordable solutions for both inground and above ground pools. 

Each of these brands brings innovation and quality to the table, ensuring your pool remains in pristine condition.

Choosing the Right Pool Cleaner

Choosing the right pool cleaner is like picking the perfect helper for your swimming pool. Here’s how to make sure you get the best match:

  • Pool Size Matters: Think about how big or small your pool is. Larger pools might need a powerful pool cleaner, like an automatic pool cleaner or robotic pool cleaner, that can cover more space without getting tired. Smaller pools might be okay with a simpler, manual pool cleaner.

  • Type of Pool: Is your pool above ground or inground? This is important because some pool cleaners are made especially for one type. Above ground pool cleaners and inground pool cleaners have different designs to suit the pool.

  • What’s in Your Pool: Look at what kind of stuff usually ends up in your pool. Leaves? Sand? Something else? Different pool cleaners are good at picking up different things. For example, if your pool collects a lot of leaves, you might want a pool cleaner with a big bag or basket.

Maintenance Tips for Pool Cleaners

Regular pool cleaner maintenance extends its life and ensures it cleans efficiently. Here are the maintenance tips:

  • Check your pool cleaner for blockages regularly to prevent interruptions in cleaning efficiency.

  • Clean and replace filters often to maintain optimal cleaning performance and water clarity.

  • Inspect hoses and connections for wear or leaks to ensure proper cleaner operation.

  • Periodically review the cleaner's moving parts for signs of wear and replace as needed.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidance for routine maintenance to extend your pool cleaner's lifespan.


Choosing the right pool cleaner from the wide selection available, including manual, automatic, and robotic pool cleaners, is crucial for keeping your swimming area in excellent condition. 

Whether you have an above ground or inground pool, a perfect match exists to meet your cleaning needs. The best pool cleaners save time and effort and ensure your pool is always inviting and safe for everyone to enjoy. 

Regular maintenance is key to maximizing efficiency and extending the life of your cleaner. With brands like Pentair, Hayward, Polaris, and Waterway offering reliable solutions, finding a pool cleaner that suits your specific requirements and budget has never been easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Pool Cleaners Are Available?

There are three main types: manual pool cleaners, which you operate by hand; automatic pool cleaners, which include suction-side and pressure-side models; and robotic pool cleaners, which are fully autonomous and highly efficient.

Which Pool Cleaner Is Best For My Inground Pool?

Robotic pool cleaners are often considered the best option for inground pools due to their thorough cleaning capabilities and ease of use. However, the best choice depends on the size of your pool and the type of debris that is common in it.

Can I Use An Above Ground Pool Cleaner For My Inground Pool?

While some above ground pool cleaners may work for inground pools, they might not be as effective. It's important to choose a pool cleaner designed specifically for your pool type to ensure optimal cleaning.

How Often Should I Use My Pool Cleaner?

The frequency depends on several factors, including pool usage and the amount of debris. Running your pool cleaner once a week is a good starting point, but you may need to adjust this based on your pool's specific needs.

Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Work In All Pool Shapes And Sizes?

Yes, most robotic pool cleaners are designed to handle various pool shapes and sizes. Their advanced navigation systems allow them to efficiently clean every corner of your pool.

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