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Pentair | Dynamo Pump | Sta-Rite Dynamo Pumps | Oring | 273062

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Pentair | Dynamo® Pump | Sta-Rite® Dynamo® Pumps | Oring | 273062

The Pentair 273062 O-ring is crucial for maintaining optimal functionality in your Pentair Dynamo Pump systems. This small yet potent part is engineered to create a tight seal, preventing leakage and sustaining your pump's overall performance.

These Pentair 273062 O-rings are typically installed within the pump housing to inhibit water flow. This part, while durable, isn't invincible. Over time, factors such as age, exposure to harsh chemicals, and repeated use may cause the O-ring to deteriorate. Consequently, regular maintenance and timely replacement become imperative to ensure the longevity of your pump system.

The replacement process for the Pentair 273062 O-ring is straightforward. Begin by shutting off the pump, removing the housing, and carefully removing the old O-ring. Before installing the new Pentair 273062 O-ring for your Dynamo pumps, clean the groove where it will reside and apply a lubricant to aid the installation process. Lastly, insert the O-ring and reassemble your pump.

Remember, consistent checks on the state of your O-ring can save you costly repairs or replacements in the future. Always opt for quality replacements like the Pentair 273062 to ensure that your Dynamo pumps remain in top condition.

By understanding the vital role and the maintenance required for components like the Pentair 273062 O-ring, you'll take a significant step towards efficient pump system upkeep.

Features and Benefits:

  • The Pentair 273062 O-ring offers a high-performance seal to prevent leakages.

  • Designed to fit snugly and securely, ensuring optimal functioning of your Dynamo pumps.

  • Made with durable materials to withstand regular use and resist wear and tear.

  • Its design facilitates a straightforward installation process, reducing downtime during maintenance.

  • Timely O-ring replacement saves on costly pump repairs or complete system replacement.

  • Regular O-ring replacement contributes to the extended lifespan of your pump systems.

  • By preventing leakages, it aids in conserving water and reducing energy usage.

  •  The knowledge that your pump system is functioning efficiently, thanks to quality parts like the Pentair 273062 O-ring.

  • Self-priming design ensures long life.

  • Reinforced fiberglass for strength and durability.

  • Large capacity basket with see-thru lid.

  • Unique diffuser and iImpeller for excellent flow rates.

  • Easy access drain plugs. 

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Product Specifications

 Part Type




 Cross Section


 Union Fitting Application


 Inside Diameter


 Union Fitting Part Type


Recommended Use/Applications

  • The Pentair 273062 O-ring is perfect for use in swimming pools and spas where efficient water circulation is crucial.

  •  It is suitable for agricultural irrigation systems, providing the necessary seal to maintain optimal pump performance.

  •  Use it in water fountains and other decorative water features to prevent leakage and ensure efficient operation.

  • Ideal for use in various industrial pumps, where maintaining a tight seal is crucial for operation.

  • Excellent for residential water systems, such as water filtration or circulation pumps.

  • It can be used in a variety of commercial applications, including aquatic facilities, water parks, or large-scale fountains.

  • In some configurations, this O-ring can be used within heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary function of the Pentair 273062 O-ring in Dynamo pumps?

The Pentair 273062 O-ring plays a crucial role in sealing the pump components, preventing water leakage, and ensuring optimal pump operation.

How often should I replace my Pentair 273062 O-ring for Dynamo pumps?

There isn't a strict replacement schedule. However, wear or leakage indicates it's time for a new O-ring. Regular checks and maintenance can help determine when replacement is needed.

How do I install a new Pentair 273062 O-ring in my Dynamo pump?

First, turn off the pump and remove the pump housing. Take out the old O-ring, clean the groove, apply lubricant, and then install the new O-ring. Lastly, reassemble the pump.

Is the Pentair 273062 O-ring compatible with other pump models?

While primarily designed for Dynamo pumps, this O-ring may fit other pump models. However, checking the compatibility with your specific pump model before purchasing is crucial.

What material is the Pentair 273062 O-ring made of, and how durable is it?

The O-ring is made from durable materials designed to withstand wear and tear. However, the exact lifespan can vary depending on usage and exposure to harsh chemicals.

What are the signs that my Pentair 273062 O-ring needs replacement?

Common signs include water leakage, visible wear on the O-ring, or decreased pump performance. Regular checks can help identify when the O-ring needs replacement.

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  3. Pentair Dynamo Pump Impeller: A key component of the pump, which, when paired with a fresh O-ring, can significantly enhance your pump's performance and efficiency.

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