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Pentair/Rainbow | Floating Dispenser, Model 335, 1" Tabs, Blue | R171074

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Pentair/Rainbow | Floating Dispenser, Model 335, 1" Tabs, Blue | R171074

The Pentair R171074, also known as the Rainbow 335 Chlorine/Bromine Floating Dispenser, is a top-tier product from Pentair's reliable line of pool maintenance equipment. Designed for efficiency, it streamlines the chemical distribution process in your pool or spa.

Installation is straightforward, requiring no specialized tools. You simply fill the dispenser with your choice of chlorine or bromine tablets, adjust the control ring for desired chemical release, and let it float. 

The Pentair Rainbow Floating Dispenser releases the chemicals slowly and evenly, promoting balanced sanitation and minimizing chemical degradation from sun exposure.

Over time, exposure to chemicals and sunlight may cause wear and tear. Fortunately, Pentair provides replacement parts, making the repair process fairly simple. You'll want to inspect the dispenser regularly for any signs of damage. Regular maintenance extends the dispenser's life and ensures a healthy swimming environment.

In terms of replacement, if the dispenser becomes too worn or damaged, swapping it out for a new Pentair Rainbow 335 Chlorine/Bromine Floating Dispenser is as easy as the initial installation. 

In essence, this floating dispenser not only makes pool maintenance effortless but also sustainable due to its simple repair and replacement procedures.

Features and Benefits:

  • Effortless Installation: Jump straight into pool enjoyment without wrestling with complicated setup procedures.

  • Precise Chemical Release: Adjustable control ring allows for tailored sanitation, fitting the unique needs of your pool.

  • Durable Design: Crafted to resist the corrosive pool environment, promising a long-lasting companion for your pool.

  • Sunlight Protection: Helps preserve the potency of chlorine/bromine tablets by minimizing UV degradation.

  • Easy Maintenance: Simplified repair and replacement processes ensure a hassle-free pool-keeping experience.

  • Compatible With Bromine: Versatility to use either tablet, catering to your specific pool requirements.

  • Optimized for Balance: Delivers even chemical distribution for balanced pool sanitation, promoting a healthier swimming environment.

  • Eco-Friendly Solution: Longevity and repairability make it a sustainable choice in pool care.

Recommended Use/Applications

  • Residential Pools and Spas: Optimal for maintaining clear, balanced water in home swimming pools and hot tubs of varying sizes.

  • Hotel and Resort Pools: Ensures guest satisfaction with consistent chemical distribution in high-usage, commercial swimming facilities.

  • Health and Fitness Clubs: Ideal for fitness centers with indoor or outdoor pools, providing a healthy and safe swimming environment for members.

  • School and Community Pools: Keeps community pools sanitized, enhancing the swim experience for various groups of people, from kids to seniors.

  • Seasonal Pool Maintenance: Especially useful during peak swimming seasons when pool usage is high and balanced chemical levels are critical.

  • Hot Tub and Jacuzzi Maintenance: Versatile enough to handle smaller bodies of water like jacuzzis and hot tubs, providing a relaxing and safe soak.

Product Specifications

 Part Type

Floating Dispenser



 Floating Feeder Complete

Complete Floating Feeder

 Tablet Size





 Cross References

2142-1, 27052-019-000, 611725, 788379004309, RAI-45-836

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the installation process for the Pentair Rainbow 335 Chlorine/Bromine Floating Dispenser? 

The installation process is straightforward. Open the dispenser, add your preferred chlorine or bromine tablets, adjust the control ring to set the desired chemical release rate, and place it in the pool or spa.

How does the Pentair R171074 work? 

The Pentair Rainbow Floating Dispenser works by slowly dissolving chlorine or bromine tablets within it and evenly distributing them throughout the pool or spa. It helps maintain balanced sanitation and protects the chemicals from sunlight.

Is the Pentair Rainbow 335 Floating Dispenser compatible with all types of pools and spas? 

Yes, the dispenser is designed to work efficiently with various sizes and types of pools and spas, from residential to commercial applications.

What type of chemical tablets can I use with the Pentair Rainbow Floating Dispenser? 

The dispenser is versatile, allowing for use with either chlorine or bromine tablets. You can choose according to your pool's specific needs.

How often should I check and maintain the Pentair R171074 dispenser? 

Regular inspection is recommended for any signs of wear or damage due to chemical and sunlight exposure. Regular maintenance ensures longevity and efficient operation.

Can I replace parts of the Pentair Rainbow 335 Chlorine/Bromine Floating Dispenser, or do I need to purchase a new one if it gets damaged? 

Yes, Pentair provides replacement parts for the dispenser, making it easy to repair. However, if the dispenser is extensively damaged, replacing it with a new one may be more cost-effective.

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These items create a comprehensive pool maintenance kit, ensuring your pool remains clean, safe, and ready for enjoyment at all times.

This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer