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Pool Supplies/Parts

Pool Supplies/Parts

Are you looking to elevate your pool maintenance routine but unsure where to start? This guide is your one-stop resource, from essential pool parts and supplies to specific components like pool sanitizer, pool cleaner parts, and above ground pool components

Explore the world of pool baskets, chemical feeders, timer parts, and deck equipment to ensure your swimming area remains pristine. Discover the significance of pool tile repair, electrical products, filter valves, o rings, and pump parts. 

Learn about the transformative impact of a solar pool cover and the essential role of a pool skimmer. Keep reading to understand every aspect of pool care, making maintenance effortless and swimming a delight.

Importance of Pool Supplies/Parts


Maintaining a sparkling and safe pool requires more than just water; it demands the right pool supplies and parts. Each component is vital, from pool skimmers that keep the surface debris-free to pool filters and valves ensuring clear water. 

Pool pumps circulate water, making it harder for algae and bacteria to take hold, while pool cleaners and their parts work tirelessly to keep the pool's floor and walls spotless. 

Specific components for those with above-ground pools ensure the structure remains stable and enjoyable for everyone. Not to forget, pool chemical feeders and sanitizers are crucial for keeping the water healthy and swim-ready. 

Understanding and using these supplies correctly not only extends the life of your pool but also makes maintenance a breeze. With the right knowledge and tools, you can ensure your pool remains a refreshing retreat all season long.

Essential Pool Supplies/Parts

Here are the pool supplies and parts that every pool owner should know:

Above Ground Pool Components

Above-ground pools are like big water bowls you can swim in. They need strong frames and liners to hold all the water. These parts make sure your pool stays up and doesn't leak. 

Sometimes, you must check if everything is tight and no holes are in the liner so your swimming fun doesn't drain away.

Alternative Sanitizers

Think of pool sanitizers like soap for your pool but without harsh chemicals. They keep the water clean using natural stuff like salt or minerals. 

This means you can swim without getting itchy eyes or skin. It's important to pick the right kind for your pool and keep an eye on it to make sure it's doing its job of keeping germs away.

Automatic Pool Cleaner Parts

Automatic pool cleaners are like little robots that help keep your pool clean without you having to do all the work. They need parts like brushes and wheels to move around and pick up dirt. 

Keeping these parts in good shape means your pool stays clean with less effort. Sometimes, parts wear out and need replacing so your little cleaning buddy can keep going.

Automation System Parts for Pools

Automation systems are like remote controls for your pool. They help manage cleaning, heating, and even lighting with just a button push. 

Ensuring all the automation systems parts work right means you can relax and worry less about pool tasks. If something breaks, fixing it fast keeps everything running smoothly.


Baskets in your pool catch stuff like leaves before they can make a mess. Think of them like trash cans for your pool. Cleaning these baskets often makes your pool water stay clear. Water can't flow right if a basket gets too full or breaks, and the pool might get dirty. 

Chemical Feeders & Replacement Parts

Chemical feeders slowly add cleaner to your pool so you don't have to. They're important because they keep the water safe to swim in by fighting germs. 

Sometimes, parts of the chemical feeder must be replaced to work right. Checking these feeders helps keep the pool water perfect for swimming.

Controls & Pool Timer Parts

Controls and timer parts are like clocks and switches for your pool. They tell the pool when to clean itself or warm up. Keeping these parts working means always jumping into a clean and warm pool. If a switch stops working, it might need a new part to start the clock again.


Pool cleaners come in different types, from ones you push to ones that move independently. They scrub the pool so you can have fun without worrying about dirt. 

Keeping your cleaner in good shape, like changing worn-out brushes, means it can keep the pool clean. Think of it as giving your cleaner a helping hand so it can help you.

Deck Equipment & Parts

Deck equipment parts make the area around your pool nicer and safer. This includes lights for night swimming and rails to help you get in and out. 

Keeping this gear in good shape makes your pool a better place to hang out. Sometimes, lights need new bulbs to keep the deck bright and welcoming.

Tile & Plaster Repair

Tiles and plaster make your pool look pretty, and keep it sealed. If they crack, water can leak, or the pool might look old. It makes your pool look as good as new. Checking for cracks and fixing them fast means your pool stays looking nice.

Drains & Pool Inlets

Drains and inlets help water move around in your pool. It's like the pool breathing in and out, keeping the water fresh. Making sure these parts aren't blocked means the water can move freely. If a drain gets clogged, it's important to clear it out so your pool stays healthy.

Electrical Products

Electrical products for pools make things like lights and pumps work. They need to be safe for water so no one gets damaged. It is super important to use the right electrical parts and keep them in good condition. If a wire gets frayed, it needs fixing immediately to keep the pool safe for everyone.

Equipment Slabs

Equipment slabs are like the strong floors that hold your pool's equipment. They make sure things like the pump and heater are safe and dry. Keeping these slabs solid and level means your equipment doesn't get damaged.

Filters, Parts & Elements

Filters clean your pool by trapping dirt and germs. They're like the vacuum bags for your pool. Over time, they get full and need cleaning or replacing to keep catching dirt. Keeping your filter clean means the pool water stays sparkly and clear, just how we like it.

Filter Valves

Filter valves are like entries that control where water goes in your filter system. They help clean the water by directing it through the filter. Making sure these valves work right means your water gets cleaned properly. If a valve gets stuck, it's important to fix it so the cleaning doesn't stop.

Fittings & Unions

Fittings and unions are parts that connect pipes in your pool's plumbing. They make sure water flows the right way without leaking. Keeping these connections tight and leak-free is like ensuring your garden hose doesn't drip. It's important for keeping your pool full and happy.


Gauges on your pool equipment tell you how the pool's doing, like if the water's the right pressure or temperature. Checking these gauges helps you keep the pool in top shape. If a gauge stops working, replacing it helps you stay in control.

Heaters & Parts for Pools

Heaters warm and cozy your pool, extending swimming time even when it's cold outside. They need to be looked after, like checking they're not too full of leaves or that all parts are working. A well-maintained heater means you can take a warm swim anytime you like.

In-Floor Cleaning System Parts

In-floor cleaning systems are like hidden helpers that keep your pool clean from below. They need special care to keep popping up and doing their job. If a part stops working, finding and fixing it means your pool stays clean without extra work.

Inter-fab handrails, Ladders, and Diving Boards

Inter-Fab handrails, ladders, and diving boards make getting in and out of your pool fun and safe. They should be strong and secure so everyone can enjoy the pool without worry. Checking them for wobbles or rust and fixing any issues means the fun never has to stop because of a broken ladder or board.

Inlets & Drains

Inlets and drains are crucial for proper water circulation and cleanliness in pools. They ensure that water is evenly distributed and that debris and contaminants are effectively removed. 

Regularly inspecting and maintaining these components prevent clogging and ensure the pool's filtration system works efficiently. Keeping inlets and drains clear is key to a healthy and inviting swimming environment.

O-Rings and Gaskets

O-rings and gaskets are small but mighty parts that stop leaks in your pool's equipment. They're the seals keeping everything tight. Checking these seals and replacing them when they wear out keeps your pool from losing water or air where it shouldn't.

Lights & Replacement Parts

Pool lights brighten up your swim time, making the pool safe and pretty at night. They need the right bulbs and care to shine brightly. Keeping lights in good condition means your pool is always ready for a night swim. If a light goes out, replacing it keeps the pool glowing.

Maintenance Equipment

Maintenance equipment includes all the tools you need to keep your pool clean and running, like nets and brushes. These tools help you scoop out leaves and scrub away dirt. Keeping your equipment ready means you can quickly make your pool sparkle anytime it needs a touch-up.


Pool plumbing is the network of pipes and fittings that circulate water throughout the pool system, from filtration to heating. Ensuring this system is leak-free and well-maintained is vital for efficient pool operation and water quality. 

Regular checks for leaks or blockages can prevent costly repairs and maintain optimal water flow. Proper plumbing maintenance ensures your pool remains a clean, safe, and enjoyable place for everyone.

Pool Cleaning Tools & Products

Pool cleaning tools and products are your allies in keeping the pool clean. They range from vacuums that suck up dirt to chemicals that kill germs. Using them regularly means your pool stays clean and safe for everyone. If a tool wears out, replacing it keeps your cleaning routine effective.

Pool Pump & Parts

The pool pump is the heart of your pool, moving water through the filter and back out clean. Pool pump parts are like motors and impellers that need to work right. Keeping the pump in good condition means your pool water stays clean and clear, ready for fun.

Repair Silicone & Lube for Pools

Repair silicone and lube helps keep pool parts moving smoothly and sealing tightly. They're like the oil for your pool's moving parts. Using them in the right spots, like on O-rings or valves, means everything works better and lasts longer. It's important for keeping things running smoothly.

Salt Systems and Parts

Salt systems turn salt into a cleaner for your pool, gentler than harsh chemicals. They have parts like cells and control boards that must be in good shape. Keeping an eye on these systems means your pool stays clean with softer water that's nice on your skin.


Skimmers play a vital role in pool cleanliness, capturing surface debris such as leaves and insects to prevent them from sinking. Located along the pool's edge, they are the first line of defense in keeping the water clear. 

Regularly emptying the skimmer basket prevents clogs and ensures efficient filtration. A well-maintained skimmer is key to maintaining a pristine pool surface.

Solar Covers

Solar covers for pools are an eco-friendly solution for retaining heat, reducing evaporation, and keeping debris out of the water. By capturing and transferring solar energy to the pool, they extend the swimming season and decrease the need for additional heating. 

Placing and removing the cover is straightforward, making it an accessible option for pool owners seeking to save on energy costs. Solar covers contribute to water conservation and cleaner pool surfaces.

Test Kits & Strips

Test kits and strips are like a health check-up for your pool. They tell you that if the water has the right balance of chemicals, it is safe for swimming. 

Using these kits regularly helps you make sure the pool is always ready for fun. If the tests show something's off, you can fix it before anyone swims.

Tools, Hardware & Gloves

Tools, hardware, and gloves are the must-haves for any pool owner doing a bit of DIY maintenance. They help you tighten loose screws, replace parts, and handle chemicals safely. 

Having the right tools on hand means you can take care of small repairs yourself, keeping your pool in top shape.


Valves in pool systems are essential for controlling water flow, directing it through various components like the filter, heater, and back into the pool. They allow for the precise water circulation and filtration management, ensuring the pool operates efficiently. 

Regular checks and maintenance of these valves can prevent leaks and ensure they operate smoothly. Properly functioning valves are crucial for maintaining optimal pool water quality and equipment longevity.

Waterfalls and Sheer Descents

Waterfalls and sheer descents add a touch of beauty and the soothing sound of water to your pool. They must be clear of leaves and work properly to keep that water flowing beautifully. Maintaining these features means your pool stays not just a place to swim but a relaxing oasis.

Brand-Specific Types of Pool Supplies and Parts

Navigating through the world of pool maintenance, you'll quickly find that certain brands stand out for their quality, reliability, and innovation in pool supplies and parts. 

Each brand brings its unique offerings to the table, catering to different needs and preferences. Here, we get into some of the top brands in the industry and what makes their pool supplies and parts noteworthy.

  • Pentair: Known for its energy-efficient pool equipment, Pentair offers a wide range of products, including pumps, filters, heaters, and automatic pool cleaners. Their commitment to sustainability and innovation makes their supplies a go-to for eco-conscious pool owners.

  • Hayward: Hayward is renowned for its comprehensive line of pool equipment, from cutting-edge robotic cleaners to highly efficient pumps and filters. Their products are designed for ease of use and reliability, ensuring your pool maintenance is hassle-free.

  • Zodiac: Specializing in pool automation and cleaning solutions, Zodiac offers products that enhance pool usability and maintenance. Their automatic pool cleaners, such as the Polaris series, are particularly popular for their effectiveness and durability.

  • Jandy: Offering a blend of performance and energy efficiency, Jandy's pool equipment includes pumps, filters, heaters, and lighting products. Their integration technology allows convenient control of all pool functions from a single interface.

  • Sta-Rite: A part of Pentair, Sta-Rite is known for its high-quality pumps, filters, and pool heating solutions. Their products are engineered for durability and efficiency, catering to both residential and commercial pool owners.

  • AquaCal: Specializing in pool heating and cooling, AquaCal offers a range of heat pumps designed to extend your swimming season while keeping energy costs low. Their products stand out for their reliability and advanced features.

  • Raypak: Best known for their heaters, Raypak provides various heating solutions to suit different pool types and sizes. Their commitment to quality and innovation ensures your pool remains at a comfortable temperature year-round.

  • Gould Parts: Gould parts for pools are recognized for their durability and efficiency, ensuring your pool equipment runs smoothly. From pumps to filters, incorporating Gould components guarantees reliability and longevity. Whether you're replacing a worn-out part or upgrading your system, choosing Gould means opting for quality.

Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Maintaining a sparkling, inviting pool doesn't have to be a daunting task. With the right approach and a little know-how, you can keep your pool area welcoming and ready for enjoyment at any moment. 

Here are some straightforward maintenance tips and tricks that cover everything from cleaning schedules to equipment checks, ensuring your pool remains in peak condition.

Regular Cleaning is Key

  • Skim and Brush: Daily, use a pool skimmer to remove leaves and other debris from the water's surface. Brush the walls and floor of the pool weekly to prevent algae buildup and keep surfaces clean.

Stay on Top of Water Chemistry

  • Test Water Regularly: Utilizing test kits or strips, check your pool's water chemistry 1-2 times a week during peak season and once every 1-2 weeks during off-season. Ensure chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels are within the recommended ranges.

Maintain Your Pool Equipment

  • Check Filters and Pumps: Inspect and clean pool filters and pump parts regularly. A well-functioning pump and clean filter are crucial for keeping the water clear and preventing equipment damage.

Keep an Eye on Water Levels

  • Monitor Water Level: Ensure your pool's water level doesn't fall too low, especially after heavy use or evaporation during hot weather. A proper water level is essential for the pump and skimmer to operate correctly.

Regular Equipment Checks

  • Inspect Pool Equipment: Periodically check your pool heaters, automatic pool cleaners, and other equipment for signs of wear or damage. Replace any faulty parts promptly to avoid disruptions in pool functionality.

Automation for Efficiency

  • Consider Automation Systems: Investing in automation system parts for pools can streamline maintenance tasks like chemical dosing, filtration schedules, and heating, making pool care more manageable.

Address Repairs Promptly

  • Quick Repairs: Tend to tile & plaster repair, fix leaks, or replace worn-out o-rings and gaskets as soon as issues are noticed to prevent bigger problems.

Use Quality Pool Covers

  • Cover Your Pool: Utilize a solar cover for pool when not in use to reduce evaporation, keep the water warm, and prevent debris from entering the pool.


Maintaining a sparkling and inviting pool is all about understanding and utilizing the right pool parts and supplies. Every element plays a crucial role, from the essential above ground pool components to the intricate pool cleaner parts and everything in between, like pool baskets, pool chemical feeders, and pool timer parts. 

Regular maintenance is key, whether it's ensuring your pool sanitizer levels are optimal or undertaking pool tile repair. 

Don't forget to check on pool electrical products and pool deck equipment to guarantee safety and functionality. With the right approach and attention to detail, your pool can remain a serene and healthy oasis for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Pool Parts are Essential for Maintenance?

Essential pool parts for maintenance include pool skimmers, filters, and pumps. Regularly checking and replacing these components can keep your pool clean and functioning efficiently.

How Often Should I Replace My Pool Supplies?

The frequency of replacing pool supplies varies. For example, pool chemical feeders might need a check every season, while pool o rings and pool cleaner parts may last longer but should be inspected regularly for wear and tear.

Can Above Ground Pool Components be Used for In-Ground Pools?

Typically, above-ground pool components are specific to those pool types due to their design and structural differences. It's important to use the correct parts for each pool type.

What is the Best Pool Sanitizer to use?

The best pool sanitizer depends on your pool type and personal preference. Options range from traditional chlorine to alternative sanitizers like salt systems, each with its own benefits.

How do I Know if my Pool Filter Valve Needs Replacing?

If your pool filter valve is leaking, difficult to turn, or the water flow is compromised, it might be time for a replacement to ensure proper filtration and water circulation.

When Should I use a Solar Cover for my Pool?

Using a solar cover for your pool is best during the swimming season to retain heat, reduce evaporation, and keep debris out, making your pool more energy-efficient and cleaner.

How can I Fix the Pool Tile Repair Myself?

Simple pool tile repair can often be done with the right adhesive and replacement tiles. However, consulting a professional is advised to ensure a seamless fix for extensive damage or if unsure.

What are the Signs That Pool Electrical Products Need Attention?

Signs include flickering lights, non-responsive controls, or any unusual sounds from pumps or heaters. Addressing these signs promptly is crucial to ensure safety and proper pool operation.

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