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Therm Products Update - Oct 17

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Therm Products Inc, which specialized in a wide range of heaters and heater components, (also sold products under the ThermCore, AquaTemp, and TruHeat) went out of business earlier this year.  Hydro-Quip stepped in and purchased the remaining inventory and manufacturing lines.  They are just starting to restart production of the Therm Products product lines.  It is our understanding that most will be rebranded under the HydroQuip brand except perhaps the Low Flow heaters.  The situation and product inventories are fairly fluid and change daily.  We will do our best to process orders efficiently and will let you know if a product is not still available or an alternate yet available under Hydro-Quip.  Thank you for your understanding.

Therm Product Heaters

Therm Products was recently purchased and is now a division of Hydroquip (www.thermproducts.com).  It appears that some of the manufacturing was temporarily paused during this transition time period so there is a delay in shipping some heaters to our supplier sources.  So please be patient as they try to get more in stock and we [...]

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International Shipping

Due to issues with customs and shipping of international orders, we unfortunately will not be able to fulfill international orders.  We have had issues with items being lost or taking over a month to receive not to mention the outrageous cost of shipping to our customers.  If for some reason an international order does complete [...]

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Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is here along with the first day of summer.  Hopefully your pool is in top shape for your family and friends to enjoy.  We have a wide variety of top quality chemicals from industry leading suppliers, such as the Matrix line, to make sure that you get the most out of our [...]

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It is that time of year.  It is getting cooler and time to get your Spa back up and running.  I recently had to do the same thing for mine.  It was the heater pump this year.  Please visit our website if you need any heaters, temperature sensors, flow meters, etc.  We have over 30 [...]

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