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C2400-0800ET Gecko Alliance | Heater Assembly, Gecko, SSPA, 4.0kW, 230V, 2"x 15"Long, w/Tailpieces

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C2400-0800ET Gecko Alliance | Heater Assembly, Gecko, SSPA, 4.0kW, 230V, 2"x 15"Long, w/Tailpieces (C2400-0800ET)

The Gecko Alliance C2400-0800ET SSPA 4.0kW 230V Heater Assembly is a specialized heating component for hot tubs and spas. Its high heating capacity of 4.0kW ensures a rapid increase in water temperature, while its 230V electrical requirement is standardized for most household outlets.

The C2400-0800ET is designed with a 2"x 15" long heating tube that provides maximum heat transfer, ensuring efficient operation. It comes with tailpieces for seamless integration with your spa's plumbing system, a testament to Gecko Alliance's user-friendly designs.

Regarding maintenance, the Gecko Alliance Heater Assembly has a reputation for longevity. However, like any piece of machinery, it may require periodic checks. Unusual spa temperatures or tripped circuit breakers could signal a fault. If your C2400-0800ET fails, replacing it is straightforward. 

After draining your spa and disconnecting the power, remove the faulty heater, ensure the new heater's O-rings are intact, and then install the new unit. Always remember to reinstall the tailpieces correctly to avoid leaks.

Remember, regular maintenance will prolong the life of your Gecko Alliance C2400-0800ET. Always ensure the water chemistry is balanced and the filtration system is working correctly. While it may seem complex, you can handle the process with careful attention to the manual and perhaps a few tutorial videos.

Features and Benefits:

  • Achieves warm spa waters faster with its powerful 4.0kW capacity.

  • Offers universal compatibility thanks to its standardized 230V requirement.

  • Ensures effective heating with a 2"x 15" long tube for optimal heat transfer.

  • Eases installation with included tailpieces, enhancing user experience.

  • Known for longevity, adding reliability to your spa setup.

  • Allows straightforward replacement, reducing downtime when faults occur.

  • Supports balanced water chemistry and optimal filtration, promoting overall spa health.

  • Comes with a comprehensive manual, facilitating DIY repairs and maintenance.

Product Specifications

 Part Type

Heater Assembly


Therm Products

 Manufacturer Number


 Heater Style

Drop-in Replacement w/ Replaceable Element



 Heater Dimensions

2” tailpiece x 15” long



 Heater Feature

w/ Mounting Studs & Pressure Tap

 Used On

Gecko S-Class Control Systems

 Heater Type



Cross References

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Recommended Use/Applications

  • Suitable for DIY enthusiasts looking to handle their own spa maintenance and repairs.

  • Perfect choice for upgrading older spa heating systems to improve heating speed and efficiency.

  • Recommended for use in areas with standard 230V electrical outlets.

  • An excellent option for systems requiring compact heaters due to the 2"x 15" long design.

  • Appropriate for users wanting to enhance the reliability of their spa systems due to their known longevity.

  • Advisable for use in maintaining optimal water chemistry and filtration in your spa.

  • A great tool for those willing to learn and handle the replacement and maintenance process using the comprehensive manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gecko Alliance C2400-0800ET SSPA 4.0kW Heater Assembly? 

It's a high-capacity spa and hot tub heater, capable of quickly raising water temperatures, offering 4.0kW heating at a standard 230V electrical requirement.

How does the Gecko Alliance C2400-0800ET work? 

It uses electric power to heat a 2"x 15" long tube that transfers heat efficiently to your spa water.

What are the installation requirements for the C2400-0800ET? 

You need to have a standard 230V electrical outlet, an appropriate place to install the 2"x 15" heater assembly within your spa system, and the ability to connect the provided tailpieces to your plumbing.

Can I replace my existing heater with a Gecko Alliance heater assembly? 

Yes, the C2400-0800ET is designed to replace existing spa heaters. Ensure compatibility before purchase.

What maintenance does the Gecko Alliance C2400-0800ET require? 

Regular checks for proper operation, balanced water chemistry, and optimal filtration can help prolong the life of this heater assembly.

Is the Gecko Alliance C2400-0800ET compatible with all spa models? 

While it's designed for universal compatibility, always confirm your spa's specific requirements before purchasing the C2400-0800ET.

Frequently Bought Together

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  2. Gecko Alliance IN.K450 Color Touch Screen Keypad: A versatile control panel allows users to easily regulate the spa temperature provided by the C2400-0800ET heater assembly.

  3. Gecko Alliance Deluxe Filter Cartridge: Ensuring clean, debris-free water is crucial to maintain the efficient functioning of the heater assembly, making this premium filter cartridge a common pick.